Your one stop shop for all things Alnarra related

I figure this is easier then trying to send you all over the globe! This is your one stop shop for all things Alnarra related, everything from the blog to the youtube channel, if I'm posting something somewhere, this will help you find it

Regularly Scheduled Content

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Podcast for days

Podcast is scheduled to be posted every Friday Night!

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Surfing the Tubes

Check Youtube, as I try to make sure there's a new video every saturday! I'll do everything from play video games to head out into the world

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Streaming every Tuesday and Thursday from 6PM EST to 9PM EST

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Bad Code

A collection of my various coding projects on github

Find me on social media!

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You can find me on Discord at Alnarra#3724

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A stream of cats and food

I've only joined instagram recently, but I am actually interested to see what it's all about!